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Getting Curtains to Stay in Place

by Cyber Breeze

Ever get new curtains for your windows and spend hours trying to alter it so they can stay in place? Millions have this problem with their windows all the time, and spend lots of time and money to remedy this issue. I’ve read an article which talks about this issue and how to get it done at little to no cost.

“Draping swag curtains over a bare rod or atop a pair of panels makes a window look softer and a room more sophisticated. The sheer fabric of some swags makes keeping them in place a challenge. Because constantly rearranging a swag is frustrating, homeowners need to use a securing method that looks attractive and holds up to light tugging. Make a swag curtain stay — while keeping it looking pretty — by using simple folding techniques and some easy-to-install hardware.Stand on a ladder and center the swag over your window rod. Evenly distribute the fabric across the rod to make it look neatly finished.”

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